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Analysis of the Ticketing Industry’s

In the dynamic world of entertainment, ticketing companies such as Ticketmaster, Live Nation, StubHub, SeatGeek, Vivid Seats, and the emerging, play a significant role. These companies, integral to the accessibility of live events ranging from music concerts to sports… Continue Reading →

Avoid Lunchtime Trading

If you are a day trader there are some people that feel like you need to be in a trade all day long. This includes anywhere from the beginning of the session all the way through the end of the… Continue Reading →

Will Rate Hike Impact Dow?

ver the last several years, Wall Street has operated under the assumption that when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, stocks drop in price. Interest rates impact the price of the dollar, and when the rate goes up, it is… Continue Reading →

Is IBM a Sleeping Giant?

IBM was once the biggest and most reliable tech company buy out there. Over the years, and with the explosion of Apple and other companies, IBM has faded into the background, going from the go-to choice for almost everyone, to… Continue Reading →

Election Fears Fuel Market

U.S. election fears have had a large negative impact on markets around the world. This was very important on November 4th, the Friday before the Presidential election. But regardless of what happens on November 8th, we should expect this volatility… Continue Reading →

What the BoE Rate Cut Means

The Bank of England took exceptional measures recently by implementing the largest rate cut that they have ever issued. It was also the first rate cut that the BoE has issued in about seven years. It’s no surprise that England’s… Continue Reading →

Stocks Move Up After GDP Data

The United States economy might not be quite as strong as many analysts originally had believed it was. The gross domestic product of the U.S. dropped slightly for the month of July, and although many traders were surprised by this,… Continue Reading →

What Influences the Fed

As pretty much every trader and investor in the United States has been wondering whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this year, taking a look at what it would actually take for that to happen is… Continue Reading →

Apple Misses Earnings

On Tuesday, April 26th, Apple announced its earnings at the end of the trading day. As many were unsurprised to hear, they missed on their projected earnings. The consensus prediction was that they would announce an earnings number equal to… Continue Reading →

What Happened to Alphabet?

On Friday, April 22nd, Alphabet—the parent company to Google, and the (now debatably) biggest company in the world, fell by over 5 percent. The question that many investors have is: why did this big of a drop occur? And, of… Continue Reading →

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